Top of the Pile – The Best Comics I’ve Read in March (so far…)

1. Gideon Falls 1
2. The Fix 11
3. Amazing Spider-Man 797

Explanation, other pulls, and Gideon Falls 1 preview after the jump!

Wow. Every so often you come by a book that completely blows you away. Gideon Falls 1 is that book. The story so far is compelling with characters that you ache to know more about. Not to mention that the artwork is absolutely breathtaking and creepy. The Fix 11. Not sure how much more I can say about this book… except why haven’t you added it to your pull list already? It has it all. Great, self-aware, funny, writing with the perfect matching artistic tone. Amazing Spider-Man 797. I know. I know. I’m shocked too. Usually, the Indies dominate the top of the pile. Just in case you haven’t already heard, Norman Osborn is about to become the “Red Goblin”. Writer Dan Slott is out after issue 801, and issue 800 is supposed to be a whopper.

Other Pulls:

Legion 1

Moon Knight 192

Motor Crush 10

Peter Parker: The Spectacular Spider-Man 300

Spider-Gwen 29

Gideon Falls 1 Preview:


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