The “Discovery Sunday” playlist series showcases (mostly) underground artists. Every month or so, I post ~10 tracks from low key artists I’ve never heard of before that I think other people should give a chance.

Discover Sunday 9 contains 11 songs I currently have in daily rotation.

Track listing and links after the jump!

1.  Forty Seven Teeth – “As a Spy”

2.  Dionysia – “Black House”

3.  With Confidence – "Godzilla”

4.  Hobo Johnson – "Romeo and Juliet

5.  All Get Out – "Room To Talk”

6.  Nineclub – "Had Enough”

7.  Emarosa – “Cloud 9″

8.  I.Am.Tru.Starr – “Au Contraire”

9. TeraBrite – "Heavy” Linkin Park Cover

10. False Plantiff – "Hive Mind”

11. BRAINCOATS – "Gasoline”


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