Top of the Pile – The Best Comics I’ve Read in December


1. The Fix 10
2. Rocko’s Modern Life 1
3. Heavy Vinyl 4

Explanation and full pull list after the jump!

The Fix 10 is
back with a vengeance. Order the HBO pilot, stat. I didn’t know how much
I’d like revisiting the world of Rocko’s Modern Life 1. I dig the modernization.
It felt like a flawless execution from the silver screen to the page. Thanks
for the nostalgia kicks. Heavy Vinyl 4 (RIP “Hi-Fi Fight Club”) just
edged out the rest of the competition due to character development. I wasn’t
super pumped on the name change, but thanks for allowing me to vicariously live
the dream of working at a record store shop while being in a fight club.

Other Pulls:

Page 5

Invader Zim 25

Moon Knight 189

Motor Crush 8

Paper Girls 18

Spider-Gwen 26



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