Discovery Sunday VIII

I wanted to give some love to (mostly) underground artists for 2017. So I present to you, the “Discovery Sunday” playlist series. On a semi-regular basis, I will post ~10 tracks from low key artists I’ve never heard of before.

Here is a playlist of 16 songs I currently have in daily rotation. Let me know if you dig any of these! Happy Discovery Sunday y’all. Good luck with your holiday shopping 😉

Track listing and links after the jump!

1.  NGHBRS – Hold Up Girl

2.  Silent Pilot – California

3.  Heyrocco – Yeah

4.  Everybody Leaves – Better Love

5.  Young the Giant – Silvertongue

6.   VUKOVI – La Di Da

7.  Motherfolk – The Only Fire

8.  Driveways – XO Tour Llif3 (Lil Uzi Vert Cover)

9. Late Night Episode – Swim

10. Anarbor – Gypsy Woman

11. The Midnight Club – Close Your Eyes

12. La Bouquet – Loser Baby

13. Decade – Capsules

14. Richie Branson – Outro Outro

15. Selfish Things – Hangman


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