Top of the Pile – The Best Comics I’ve Read in July (so far) – 7/9/17

1. Invader Zim 20

2. Spider-Man/Deadpool 18

3. Saga 44

Explanation and full pull list after the jump!

Invader Zim 20 was a breath of fresh air.  I love when the creators choose to focus on one story line per issue. Thanks for the chuckles and congrats for getting the show back on the air! I am so sad that Kelly/McGuinness/Morales/Keith are handing over the reigns after Spider-Man/Deadpool 18. Every issue has had such sleek character design and brilliant splash pages that make me stop reading for a second and marvel (;D). Itsy Bitsy and the bromance will be sorely missed. Bravo. Saga, Saga, Saga. What more can I say that hasn’t already been said? Everything is always ace. From Staples’ unique art to Vaughan’s clever writing to the community letters page. I love the universe that this team has created and I love the sociopolitical undertones that are slyly handled in every issue. Although Saga 44 felt like a setup issue, Saga as a whole is a masterpiece.

Other Pulls:

Back to the Future 20

Bitch Planet 1 (Triple Feature)

Green Valley 9

Grrl Scouts 2

Plastic 3

Spider-Gwen 21

Vision 1 (Director’s Cut)


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