Discovery Sunday IV

Wanted to give some love to (mostly) underground artists for
2017. So I present to you, the “Discovery Sunday” playlist series. On a
semi-regular basis, I will post ~10 tracks from low key artists I’ve never
heard of before.

Here is a Playlist of 12 songs I currently have on daily rotation. Let me know if you dig any of these!

1.   The WrecksFavorite Liar

2.   I The MightyThe Hound and the Fox

3.   Little Brother – Cleveland, OH

4.   ChapelCaught Up

5.   Ruby Rose FoxPain Killer

6.   Settle Your ScoresHow to Screw Up Your Future and Disappoint Your Loved Ones

7.   New Beat FundAshes

8.   Bear FightShe

9.   Bay Faction Bloody Nose

10. The Menzingers After the Party

11. Statues of CatsSeven Circles

12. Rome Hero FoxesBad Thoughts


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