Top of the Pile – The Best Comics I’ve Read in March (so far)- 3/8/17 (Part I)

1. Think Tank: Animal 1

2. Elektra 1

3. Paper Girls 12

More info & pulls after the jump!

I haven’t made a TOP post in 2 months D: let’s jump into it. Think Tank finally makes a comeback this month with it’s new “animal” story line… and kills it. Matt Hawkings is one of my favorite writers. I love how he incorporates real science into his work, whether it be in Think Tank, or Symmetry. The letters page rivals that of Paper Girls 12. Paper Girls is written by the always amazing Brian K. Vaughn with art by Cliff Chiang. This was the first issue that caught my attention in awhile. If you are a fan of Stranger Things or SAGA – this is your jam. Elektra 1 surprised me. I was not expecting a decent issue, but it kept my attention the entire time. IMO, it was better than King Pin 1. I love the idea of Elektra in Vegas

Think Tank: Animal I preview

Other Pulls:

Spider-Man/Deadpool 14 – A little bit hard to believe Spidey’s struggle…but I loved the Night Crawler cameo. Hated that they are splitting the next issues between different comic titles. Always love the bromance<3.

Moon Knight 12 – I am always the most excited to read this comic. It has been my “Vision” replacement. In this issue, we learn more about Marc’s condition, and have a set-up…Smallwood always destroys the covers/art.

Fix 8
– Leave Pretzels alone! Set-up issue.

Backstagers 7 – Another setup issue. But, I love these characters so much.

Back to the Future
17 – This one couldn’t hold my attention 😦

Spider-Gwen 17 – Miles & Gwen are cute together but I am bored of this story line. Sorrynotsorry.

Invader Zim 17 – I love that the original creator is involved with these issues. The art is straight off the TV screen. Boredx2 with the stories in this issue.


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