Top of the Pile – The Best Comics I’ve Read in January so far (Part II)


1. Saga #41

2. Moon Knight #10

3. Motor Crush #2

More info after the jump!

The past two weeks have produced sooo many good titles to choose from for this TOP cycle. Motor Crush #2 continues its hot streak with an introduction to a new character, Lola. She is a whiz mechanic with a sick character design. The splash page in this book is delicious, and while issue 1 was action packed, this issue created tension, character development, and plot thickening events. Can’t wait for the big race in issue 3!

Greg Smallwood’s art is to die for in Moon Knight #10 – fittingly titled “Death and Birth.” My favorite thing about this book is the clever ways the art team messes up the page to fit the story.  I love Smallwood’s continued use of the panel’s negative space and the literal turn the world (and the page) upside down to depict another dimension. The stylized lettering while Marc was eavesdropping during the psychiatrist visit was also a nice touch. Definitely check this book out if you want to experience a mindfuck in your books.

Saga #41 takes the top of the pile due to the unstoppable duo that is Vaughn & Staples. Brian K. Vaughn’s killer dialogue [“God is a joke and this is her punchline.”, “…violence
seems to have so much in common with an untreatable venereal disease…” and the
ever so eloquent, “Die, Moonie Cunt!”] is always ace. And who could forget Fiona Staples’ art, which never fails to bring the characters from this universe to life. Having a bomb ass, always entertaining, letters page doesn’t hurt either. I am excited to see how “The War for Phang” gets tied up in issue 42, but I hate that I won’t be getting more Saga issues until “vacationanza” is over.


Other pulls:

Daredevil 15 – Set up issue.

Green Valley 4 – Didn’t hit. But dragons are cool, I guess.

Jessica Jones 4 – Set up issue.

Spider-Man/Deadpool 13 – The duo takes a trip to Weirdworld. The first splash page got me, but this seemed like a filler issue. Snap out of vacation mode, boys!

Spider-Man 12 – Spider-Gwen feature. Good ½ of an issue.


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