Top of the Pile – The Best Comics I’ve Read 1/3/17 (Part I)

1. Spider-Man/Deadpool #12

2. Silk #15

3. Civil War II #18

More info after the jump!

Slim pickings for the start of this new year. Civil War II wraps up with an ending I think anyone could have see coming. Silk 15 catches up with Cindy Moon and her ex in a sticky situation; stuck with good ole’ JJ in California. We also get an introduction to two familiar faces this issue. Spideypool easily takes the cake for this top of the pile. It starts off with the dead one celebrating Christmas with all the Avengers – sans Spidey. They both end up together on a Christmas adventure.

I was worried when I saw new names for this issue, but Scheer and Giovannetti did I great job. Clever writing that is witty and full of social commentary. All of the easter egg references were golden and I found myself smiling and laughing until the last page. I sincerely hope the internet goes easy on you two.


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