Discovery Sunday I

Wanted to give some love to (mostly) underground artists for 2017. So I present to you, the “Discovery Sunday I” playlist. On a semi-regular basis, I will post ~10 tracks from low key artists I’ve never heard before.

Here is a playlist of 12 songs I have on daily rotation. Let me know if you dig any of these!

Click the image to open the Spotify playlist

Track listing and artists links after the jump!

1. Movements – Hatchet (Acoustic)

2. The Money Pit – Control Everything

3. JPNSGRLS – Trojan Horse

4. The Front Bottoms – The Plan (Fuck jobs)

5. Mother Mother – The Drugs

6. NowHere – Eight Ball God

7. Emily’s Army (Now Known as SWMRS) – Alien’s Landing

8. The Seige – Voodoo (Fight the Power)

9. The Swellers – The Best I Ever Had

10. Spose (Ft. Cam Groves & J. Spin) – All You Need Is You

11.  Joyce Manor – Make me Dumb

12. Mom Jeans – Danger Can’t


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