Top of the Pile – The Best Comics I’ve Read from December 2016 (Part II)

Daredevil 15

Completely blown away by this issue. It reads like a horror flick and is beautifully dark and gritty – the way Daredevil is supposed to be. This issue is so good, it actually made me sick. Muse is a great villain.

Grounded: Starlord 1

Perfect Star Lord dialogue mixed in with so many good X-men cameos.

Jessia Jones 3

The entire issue only features 2 settings – but it doesn’t matter. The writing is what keeps you engaged and the villain is creepy AF.

Back to the Future 15

My two favorite hard sci-fi themes explored in one comic: time travel and robotics.

Fix 7

A wonderful homage to dogs – Pretzelssss. The fall of grace is due to a trope I’m tired of reading in my comics.

Green Valley 3

One of my favorite writers back at it again. Love the contrast between medieval times and the future.

Spider-Gwen 15

Starts off strong then loses me. It’s interesting to see Matt Murdock as a villain.

Gamora 1

Way to dive into the backstory of Gamora right before Guardians 2 and Infinity Wars, Marvel/Disney ;D

Star Wars: Dr. Aphra 2

We get to meet a new character in this issue.

Invader Zim 16


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