Top of the Pile – The best comics I’ve read this month (so far) – 12/19/16

Josie and the Pussycats 3

Jesus Christ. I’ve never laughed out loud as much before from reading a comic. This books is sooo crushingly self-aware,
it hurts in belly laughs. The Olympics reference really got me, as well as
the “comic book logic” bit. I love how Bennett adds a level of complexity to
very two dimensional characters (;D). It questioned my thoughts on Josie’s intentions and I kinda see Alan M. as a dick now – gotta love the grey areas. I love the historical nods at the end of every issue. Oh, and Mok is destroying the art.

Moon Knight 9

One of the best series to come out of 2016. This issue finally give some
clarity on the whole – “is-Marc-Spector-Bat-Shit-Insane-Or-Not?” question. However,
the letters page promises that perhaps not everything is as it seems – hooray! All the
artists on this issue killed it. This comic was my first introduction to Moon
Knight, and he has since become one of my top 5 heroes.

Motor Crush 1

I’ve heard nothing but good things about Motor Crush and this time, the
internet did not let me down! The art design in this book is amazing; the
logo, the settings, the character design. Who doesn’t love a badass on a motor cycle
gambling with their life? Soo many cosplayers are going to be all over Domino. Pick up this issue if you’re into wild rides. Can’t wait for issue 2.

More pulls after the jump…..

Saga 40 – The beginning and end were the best parts of this issue. 99% of the time Saga nails it, but this issue didn’t quite do it for me. I loved Hazel watching Prince Robot’s dreams. & Lying Cat=<3

Star Wars: Dr. Aphra 1– Great first issue. I am straight up hyped after Rogue One.

Invader Zim 15 – Nothing special here, just the usual – lovely weirdness. It just couldn’t compete with the other pulls.


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