11/9/16 Pull List – Top of the Pile


1. Josie and the Pussycats 2

This book blew up my expectations. I did not expect a self-aware, self-deprecating, Josie and the Pussycats comic book. I shouldn’t have expected anything less from Marguerite Bennett. I love how old school classic Josie comics are included at the end of each issue, it offers a lovely contrast and a peak into comic book history. Give this book a chance.

2. Avengers, Earth’s Mightiest Heroes 1

Mark Waiiiiid. I see you. I see that little Flash Easter egg you wrote in there. The dialogue and chemistry between the characters is a lot of fun to read in this issue. I love when the other heroes rag on Spidey. I’m also a fan of Parker Industries…who woulda thunk.

3. Green Valley 2

Landis killed his Super-man run, “American Alien”. So, it’s
nice to see him continue exploring the medium to tackle
a different story, entirely. This world reminds me sooo much of Dungeons and
Dragons. I am interested in the characters being created so far. I am excited
to see what enfolds in the issues to come.

Entire pull list posted after the jump!

Bitch Planet 9 – The letters pages always get me. NC for life.

Moon Knight 8 Set up issue for #9. Very excited for the next issue. Smallwood’s art is my favorite.

Daredevil 13 More of a Blindspot issue. The design of the big bad is dope.

Back to the Future 14 This issue couldn’t hold my attention :(.

Serenity No Power in the Verse 1 – Stoked to see Dark Horse bring back Firefly!

Spider-Man/Deadpool 11 – Penn & Teller guest issue. Couldn’t get into the writing.


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