Top 5 tracks from Lady GaGa’s ‘Joanne’

1.  A-Yo

2. Million Reasons

3. Diamond Heart

4. Sinner’s Prayer

5. Come To Mama

Album Rating: 4/5:

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Breakdown after the jump!

A-Yo – The best dance track off the record. A sexy guitar riff is the main hook. Maybe “mirror on the ceiling” would have been a better title, though ;). Hillary Lindsey co-writes.

Million Reasons – A beautiful ballad, with country elements mixed in. This will probably be most people’s favorite song off of ‘Joanne’. Again,
Hillary Lindsey co-writes.

Diamond Heart –  Really deep track when you dive into the lyrics. Gaga is belting on this track. Definitely a good choice for an album opener.

Sinner’s Prayer – I vibe with the beat behind this old school 60s-country-folk track. This
song suffers from a boring verse problem. Josh Tillman co-writes.

Come to Mama – Gaga’s time with Tony Bennett really shows through on this tune. You really get the feel of a big band, jazz influence. I love the uplifting, positive message behind this song.

Honorable Mention 

Grigio Girls –  This song is about LG’s friend Sonya, who has stage 4 breast cancer. The chorus is catchy as hell, but suffers from a verse problem. This track could have easily come across as cheesy,
but doesn’t until the very end with the gang vocals. Hillary Lindsey co-writes on this, and that probably explains the hint of country my ear picks up on.

Joanne– Doesn’t sound like a typical LG song – it sounds like another 60′s folk tune. It
reminds me of Jefferson Airplane.

John Wayne – This song could easily fit on ‘The Fame Monster’. This song suffers from a boring-chorus problem:

‘Baby lets get high, John Wayne”

Dancin’ in Circles – A song about masturbation; taking a page out of Green Day’s book.
Love the reggae/latin beat over this. I also can hear the ‘Beck’ influence, who co-writes.

Perfect Illusion – Might be my least favorite song off the album. Bad choice as a lead single,but I do like the music video. This song suffers from a boring chorus and being too long (looking at you, key change).

Hey Girl – Verrry 80′s funktastic. Throws me off, but I can get down to this with a
car stereo.

Angel Down – Oof. The feels on this one. The tempo is very slow and the music makes me feel uneasy. I prefer the work tape version. I like that they included both versions on the album – they each capture a different timbre.

Just Another Day- Another feel good song. Reminds me so so much of The Beatles.

End Transmission.


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