#top5 tracks from Watsky’s ‘x Infinity’


1. Talking To Myself
2. Going Down

3. Conversations

4. Knots

5. Brave New World

Album Rating: 3/5:

x infinity rank

Order ‘x Infinity’: http://radi.al/xInfinity
Tour Tickets: http://georgewatsky.com/tour



 Breakdown after the jump!  

Talking to Myself was the first single that I heard that made me want to
create a #top5 for x infinity.

“the hustle never ever gonna stop

Cause you get up in the morning get ahead                                                                                        when get to bed and then you do it all again                                                                                     until the moment that you drop
You need a plot
What you wanna witness with this life you got

Going Down – This was not a song I was expecting to hear, ever in life. This is a song I
needed to hear. I can’t think of another song that so masterfully glorifies going
down on women. I also didn’t expect Watsky to take it a step further, and lyrically discuss going down on a dude. What a wonderful open mind and a fun jam. Also, also that bass tho.

Conversations –  I love this autobiographical song that touches on a very heavy topic – death. I also love how the roles are reversed by the end of the song. Reminds me of
Immortal Technique’s storytelling style.

Knots – Did not originally know this song was based on a historic figure – a pianist named Arthur Rubinstein who committed suicide. Can I just say that the fucking piano on this album is ace?

Brave New World – A song based on the downfall of man? Count me in. As a sci-fi fan, there is no way to not appreciate this song.

“While I’m dreaming of Electric Sheep                                                                                                Cause Soylent Green is people
Resistance is just futile
Pop a red pill and a blue pill
and I dilate my pupils”

So many tracks on this album. Watsky is a talented boy. Give x infinity a listen!

End Transmission.



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