#top5 tracks from OneRepublics ‘Oh My My’


1. Wherever I Go
2. Let’s Hurt Tonight
3. Choke
4. A.I.

5. Better 

 Album Rating: 3.5/5:


Break down after the jump!

Wherever I Go was the first single released off of ‘Oh My My’ and was what demanded that I give this record a listen. I have been a fan of OneRepublic since their MySpace days when “Apologize” was king on the radio thanks to a remix done by Timbaland (Side note: wheretf did T-Land go? Did he pull a 50?). I did a little digging and found out that lead singer, Ryan Tedder, actually writes songs for a bunch of pop artists. Notably, Queen Bey (who had my favorite record of the Summer. See #top5 breakdown here).

This is a classic-formulaic pop song; another one that makes me
want to dance. I can hear it being played in the clubs and being remixed.

Let’s Hurt Tonight – First song off the album that gets the job done and makes you want to listen to the entire album. A lovely little acoustic ditty with a banging chorus that
really hooks you in.

Choke –  I got instant chills after one listen of “Choke”. When the choir first kicks in, it’s delicious. Overall a very strong track; verses and hook are all there. I can relate to choking on memories.

“I see breakfast on the table / and I can smell you in the halls

A.I. – God damn. I love this beat. Can’t help but move to it when the track starts, then the bass just carries you. Then, 1R blow people’s minds on the second verse having a Peter
Gabriel feature. The neo-classical piano jam at the end of the track is also a
nice touch. The 80s feel PG brings back to close out the song.

“I just want my love automatic/ if automatic love makes sense”

Better – Listen closely. This could have been a twenty one pilots song minus Josh Dun’s drum work.

“So here’s the question asked 

Of all the things you love the people places from the future
to your ancient past

Of every one of those which one will cause you to let it go”

Honorable Mentions:

Lift Me Up – Should have been the album closer. Verses are stronger than the chorus, but this song makes me want to run.

Human – I love the concept of this record, a human having a conversation with God. Pretty deep for a pop song, with another good beat.

“Yesterday I talked to god we had a conversation

I asked him why this life is a crazy combination
The numbers, numbers, numbers we can’t read

Yeah for sure I got some friends but we got complications

Most of us are happy with some medication”

KidsInterestingly, 1R chose this to be their second single. I find this one to get lost in the mix – which could just be a sequencing error. I really wanted to like this song, but I don’t see the appeal besides the nostalgia factor.

Wins: Solid pop rock songs throughout. Most songs sound unique and stand out. You won’t be bored.

Gripes: Sequencing. Uninspired album cover (Also..uh..Tedder…). Giving this one 3.5 for its replay value. I will likely revisit this album. Let me know which was your favorite track in the comments down below.


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