#top5 tracks off Green Day’s Revolution Radio


1. Ordinary World

2. Bang Bang

3. Revolution Radio

4. Say Goodbye

5. Still Breathing

Album Rating: 3/5 Radio’s


1.Ordinary World reminds me of Good Riddance. It is the strongest overall song on the record. Stoked to see the movie with the same name.

2. Bang Bang – Definitely got me excited for the new album. don’t to sounds like the Green Day I know and love. Lacks lyrically but I like the concept of writing from a shooters POV

3. Revolution Radio – Lyrically better than Bang Bang.

4. Say Goodbye – I can see the live stage production in my head. Lots of flames and audience interaction. Definitely a stadium song that can be used during sporting events. Lyrically sounds like Bang Bang Part 2.

5. Still Breathing – Deepest song on the record.

As I walked out on the ledge

Are you scared to death to live?

I’ve been running all my life

Just to find a home that’s for the restless

And the truth that’s in the message


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