Top 5 tracks from Taking Back Sunday’s ‘Tidal Wave‘


1) We Don’t Go In There

2) Call Come Running

3) You Can’t Look Back

4) Homecoming

5) I’ll Find A Way to Make It What You Want

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Album Rating: 3/5 Tidal Waves


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Breakdown after the jump!

We Don’t Go In There: Love the little acoustic ditty this song starts (and ends) with. Has a chimey guitar riff that repeats throughout the song. Love the drums and bass that are woven into the track.

Call Come Running: One of the few up tempo tracks on the record. John’s guitar solo sends this track over the edge for me. Definitely an unexpected, welcome change. Bonus points for John on lead vox towards the end, too!

You Can’t Look Back: Can really feel a sense of urgency in this song. Great choice for a single. Bridge -> Outro = ❤

Homecoming: The catchiest chorus on the album. Another laid back, acoustic banger – I imagine I am walking through a field when playing this. Would be better if Adam sang Amityville instead of Jacksonville, imo.

I’ll Find a Way To Make It What You Want: The first song on the album to really connect with me lyrically. I get chills when the orchestra and piano blend perfectly into static, and then again, when the drums kick in after Adam sings “give me more than I can take”.

“I guess this is as good a time as any
/Threatening to kick me out the house / Like waiting on a heart attack /
I hate it ‘cause I can’t hit back.

Overall, a solid, mature effort for the band that is light years ahead of their last effort, “Happines Is…” The songs are layered and textured beautifully (shout out to Mark Sapone) and experimental risks were taken. The rhythm section kills it, throughout. Somehow, TBS pulls off departing from their original sound, yet still feels like the same band. Cons: As a fan of their dual vocal style from ‘Tell All Your Friends’, I would have loved to hear more of John Nolan’s vocals on this record. Also, I feel that lyrically, this album was lacking compared to prior albums and at times felt cliché  – let’s just say I would not get any lyrics tattooed on my skin.



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