pretty awful, but sadly true. fuck the patriarchy.

Brb changing url to lesbo_opinions

I face this problem more on facebook than anywhere else. Here on tumblr there are huge amounts of people willing to stand up to all kinds of bullshit, but it seems like this way of thinking is barely reaching the world outside of what we do online. When will women truly be heard?

this is the only acceptable comic made by a dude about sexism that i’ve ever seen, but it sometimes irritates me that ppl think it was made by a lady when it was in fact made by a dude and therefor is kind of, sort of, another example of things being hailed as revolutionary when they’re said by dudes despite the fact that ladies have been saying this forever.

This happens to me alllll the time. Everytime I tag a post as MRA, shit hits the fan. 

Fuck the patriarchy.

Fuck the patriarchy.


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